i'll be home to say i love you

got my acceptance letter to pottermore!

which is almost like the welcome letter, except with more crushing disappointment on my end. here's what the email said, in case you're curious:

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i've been checking my mail rabidly ever since the first part of the registration commenced and saw this pop up earlier. was on that like harry on draco, dean on seamus, me on mark wahlberg, etc etc.
i'm not the one that they need pray for


ever since my most recent viewing of dhII, i've had this idea for a fic that is just absolutely nagging at me. it pops in my head at the most random of times, like when i'm cooking bacon or driving to the supermarket or shampooing my eyebrows. it sucks because it seems like a story that i would like to write, and would enjoy writing, but it also occurs to me that to do it justice it would need to be long. and i have this, idk, mental block? when it comes to writing long fics.

i can handle one-shots just fine. (i think i can, anyway -- it has been years since i've written fic. years!) but when i'm faced with the necessity of writing something that calls for 10k+ words, i'm stuck in the mud. does anyone else have this problem? more importantly, does anyone have some glorious, sent-from-the-heavens cure for my inability to produce lengthy fics? please, i beg you. i'm sure next on this plot bunny's list is depriving me of sleep, and i just can't have that.
i'm not the one that they need pray for

ron is still on fire, btw

you know what's depressing? thedressingroom these days. thought there would be some spike in hp activity with the movie release, but alas!

what's more depressing is probably the fact that i'm still hanging around looking for a place to rp when i'm in the mood. just something i never really grew out of, i guess :D :D :D
i'm not the one that they need pray for

disregard females, acquire currency

here to gorge myself on fanfiction to soothe my troubled mind about DHII.

additionally, does anyone have a link to that extensive history about the wank surrounding cassandra claire in fandom? was thinking of it the other day, realized i no longer have any idea where it is. so much was lost in the great laptop blizzard (blizzard?) of '09.

p.s. sesheta_66, aren't you just a doll! ♥
i'm not the one that they need pray for

welcome to my yearly post :)

is anyone besides sugareey going to Aeternitas? i'm moving back to boston at the end of this month, and seeing as it will be held only a short drive from boston... i don't know. i haven't been fandomy in forever, but i'd be willing to go to see some familiar faces.

by the way, i went and had myself another baby. she's adorable, i'm awesome and apparently incredibly fertile. THE END. :3
i'll be home to say i love you


anyone doing nanowrimo this year? i'm feeling pretty confident this time around -- even have a vague idea of a story in my head! i'm counting that as a victory already.

those of you also joining in: have you thought of anything/everything yet? plots? cool characters? scenes that have absolutely no meaning in a story but sound pretty awesome in your mind?

oh and if you'd like to be nanobuddies :3 my username on the website is lori4277.
i'm not the one that they need pray for

one does not simply x into mordor

Why have these gone out of style?? I think they're just as hilarious as cat macros, if not more in some cases. Ah, Boromir. You have brought me such joy in life.

Also, my brother's coming down today and staying until Sunday. After that my stepsister and her two kids will be here, and shortly after that my best friend is flying down from Boston. And then (?!) the boyfriend's foster-brother is deploying to Iraq from Ft. Bragg, so we'll be heading down there. Wtf?? All of a sudden, I have plans. For a month. Not really sure what to do with myself, here.

P.S. If anyone is curious as to living proof how fast time flies, I've got some new photos of Riley here. Feels like just yesterday I was posting the ultrasound pic! :3
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