marjory s. "i taste like sunshine dust" baxter (ficlette) wrote,
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one does not simply x into mordor

Why have these gone out of style?? I think they're just as hilarious as cat macros, if not more in some cases. Ah, Boromir. You have brought me such joy in life.

Also, my brother's coming down today and staying until Sunday. After that my stepsister and her two kids will be here, and shortly after that my best friend is flying down from Boston. And then (?!) the boyfriend's foster-brother is deploying to Iraq from Ft. Bragg, so we'll be heading down there. Wtf?? All of a sudden, I have plans. For a month. Not really sure what to do with myself, here.

P.S. If anyone is curious as to living proof how fast time flies, I've got some new photos of Riley here. Feels like just yesterday I was posting the ultrasound pic! :3
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