marjory s. "i taste like sunshine dust" baxter (ficlette) wrote,
marjory s. "i taste like sunshine dust" baxter


ever since my most recent viewing of dhII, i've had this idea for a fic that is just absolutely nagging at me. it pops in my head at the most random of times, like when i'm cooking bacon or driving to the supermarket or shampooing my eyebrows. it sucks because it seems like a story that i would like to write, and would enjoy writing, but it also occurs to me that to do it justice it would need to be long. and i have this, idk, mental block? when it comes to writing long fics.

i can handle one-shots just fine. (i think i can, anyway -- it has been years since i've written fic. years!) but when i'm faced with the necessity of writing something that calls for 10k+ words, i'm stuck in the mud. does anyone else have this problem? more importantly, does anyone have some glorious, sent-from-the-heavens cure for my inability to produce lengthy fics? please, i beg you. i'm sure next on this plot bunny's list is depriving me of sleep, and i just can't have that.
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