i'm not the one that they need pray for

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mark wahlberg got married. all my hopes and dreams of shoveling his mother's driveway to get in with the family are now dashed. oh, cruel world. :(
i'm not the one that they need pray for

on a book hunt!!!

this was basically my night last night:

ficlette (10:14:15 PM): DYING
teacrumpets (10:14:17 PM): ME TOO
teacrumpets (10:14:18 PM): ME TOO

hahahahahahahaha PURE RON/LAV LOVE THERE.

also, just wondering -- is there some sort of lj comm/website/whatever that does a book swap across states?? i still don't know anyone here in this god forsaken state and i need some serious book reccage, preferably with the book to back it because i'm low on funds. does anyone know of something along those lines??

one more thing -- has anyone ever seen the show lazytown on noggin?? i keep noggin on because riley laughs when they sing songs, but man. this show is the creepiest thing i've ever seen.
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i'm not the one that they need pray for

three more hours, woo!!

i'm actually going to get to go to the midnight show tonight, thanks to my guy agreeing to pull an all-nighter (he works at 5 AM) and my disregard for things like "sleep" and "very early mornings". it's gonna be great. :D

also, many of the flist is headed off to azkatraz, and i wish you all a FANTASTIC time!! it makes me a little sad i won't be making it this year :( like i was telling irrevokable earlier, i'm finally:

A.) legal in the united states and
B.) not pregnant

and yet i'm not headed for a weekend of drunken debauchery with all my favorite HP nerds?! terrible. so terrible.

anyways, see everyone for the post-movie madness that is lj arouuuund 2:34 AM. well, i won't see you then. i'll be sleeping. but i'll check it in the morning!! 8D

p.s. i did end up joining a new game, since sami asked oh-so-nicely via facebook. i'll be playing over at kerbobbled; i'll give you three guesses as to which character i'll be taking over. except the first two guesses don't count.
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i'm not the one that they need pray for

on the bright side, yesterday i sneezed on my boss.

SICK SICK SICK. made it back to boston in record time -- this you can read as i waited at o'hare for eight hours before a flight had even one seat to spare, fast forward to me running full out through the dark fiery chasm of philly international to catch the flight to boston (with a whopping 15 people on it) only to land at midnight and find, to my endless amusement, that my father was passed-out drunk and therefore not on his way to pick me up.

finally, at about 1:30 in the morning, i got to bed.

A TALE FOR THE AGES. which brings me back to my first set of capslock words: SICK. deathly ill, feel free to send me flowers and i will put you in my will to receive anything from this lovely jumbo bag of cotton balls to my left to that pile of mismatched socks over there in the corner.

!!! for anyone looking this way for terminus pictures, i'm terribly sorry. the way of it happens to be that i tend to forget that i even own a camera unless it comes time where skyscrapers are looming above me and i simply must capture them. forgive me. boston does not appease my love for buildings that are tall.
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